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Concrete Steps Builders in Queens, NYC

Searching for concrete steps builders and contractors in NYC to install your staircase? Get in touch with this group of professionals for a free estimate. There is more to concrete stairs than meets the eye. Strong and durable, they can hold up to a heavy load and withstand harsh weather conditions. As you climb the stairs, you will also notice that it is more stable than wood or steel structure.

At the minimum, concrete steps should be safe to walk on, but have you ever considered making it a decorative structure? Although concrete is known for its strength, this material is highly versatile. For more than a decade, our Queens-based masonry experts have installed and repaired stairs. We understand that clients want steps that fit their commercial or residential spaces. From size to materials, we can fully customize every part it. Our concrete service can handle construction for all different types of stairs.

Types of Stair Construction

Exposed Aggregate concrete stairs are composed of a mixture of concrete and rock. Because of its porous surface, its non-slip feature makes it safe for you to climb the steps. This type of stairs can also come in different colors to blend in beautifully with the property’s exterior or landscaping. The only downside is that the texture collects dirt, which can cause damages.

Standard concrete is smooth and flat, making it easy to maintain. Its solid build can withstand the harshest weather conditions in Queens. While this material is cheaper, it can last longer without needing repairs. However, the lack of texture makes it can get slippery when it is wet. On a brighter note, installing a railing can prevent accidents.

Colored concrete is not the usual gray concrete. Blending the concrete and pigments, the concrete steps to conform to the property’s overall design.

Stained & acid-washed concrete steps can turn your property into a classy home or commercial space. This process can make concrete slabs appear like granite or polished marble concrete. Alternatively, it can give your space a modern industrial feel.

With special pigments and dyes, Queens Concrete Contractors can turn a dull gray concrete into stylish stairs. Besides the easy application, water-based stains are popular because of the spectrum of color choices. Plus, it works even on old concrete. Meanwhile, clients who prefer traditional aesthetics opt for acid-based stains. Take the first step to constructing the perfect set of steps by discussing your ideas and concerns with our step construction experts.

For 20-some years, we have built and fixed concrete steps in various neighborhoods in Queens and its surrounding areas. Although concrete is generally durable, heavy foot traffic in commercial space (or homes!) and harsh weather conditions can damage concrete stairs over time.

Pro tip: Don’t wait until the damages worsen! Spare yourself from the stress and spending thousands of dollars on repairs. Contact skilled concrete step contractors when you see them chipping, cracking, or forming holes, and we will provide you with a free estimate in no time.