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Retaining Wall Builders in Queens, NYC

Installing and repairing retaining walls are a lot of work. For skilled retaining wall builders in Queens, look to our team of professionals. We offer services mainly in this borough but do serve some other areas of NYC as well. Retaining walls may look simple, but they’re not; the construction process is far more complicated than you think. Securing a permit is required before you can begin with the project. You also need to factor in soil conditions, building codes, placement, height, cost, drainage, and of course, project duration.

One of the reasons why residents and business owners in Queens, NYC hire this retaining wall installation services team is that we handle everything they need to build retaining walls. Our masonry and concrete professionals work with a wide selection of materials. This includes bricks, stamped concrete, cinder blocks, and many more. Our team of landscapers will survey your land to check the location and soil pressure levels. Here, they will identify the process needed for the construction and the area where they can install the wall.

Why Use Retaining Walls?

  • To prevent soil erosion – Natural calamities like floods, strong winds, and folks who overwater their lawns can cause soil erosion. Besides messing up your landscape, this can put your homes at risk. When built properly, retaining walls can minimize, if not prevent, these damages.
  • To reinforce the foundation – If your home or business is built on a hill, the soil around it supports the foundation of the property. Once a portion of this soil erodes, it will naturally affect the stability of your foundation. Reinforcing the soil with a retaining wall can avert such issues. Moreover, retaining walls can effectively divert water away from your property’s foundation. This also helps control erosion, slow down silt accumulation, and manage water runoff.
  • To level the landscape – Uneven terrain makes outdoor activities like downhill biking more exciting for daredevils but if you don’t plan to go on an adventure in your backyard, consider leveling your landscape. A retaining wall makes your garden fabulous and easier to maintain.
  • To increase the value of your property – With a concrete patio and retaining walls installed, your property will naturally look more beautiful. All these improvements provide plenty of benefits to both the owner of the commercial or residential property, as well as potential buyers.

Decorative Poured Concrete, Commercial Retaining Wall Contractors

When building concrete walls, you need to consider the dimensions of the structure. Exceeding a certain height calls for pre-planned drainage solutions. Otherwise, the water build will oversaturate the soil and cause the concrete to crack when in freezing weather. Our contractors integrate these walls into the landscape gorgeously and prevent these issues. Using concrete, stone, or bricks, we can pour decorative concrete walls with interlocking blocks. But that is just one of the many techniques that our retaining wall installers use. We draw up a plan based on the terrain to ensure stability.

In commercial spaces, we often see retaining walls as a decorative piece in the landscape. Oblivious to its functional aspect, we sometimes even sit or lean on them. Besides preventing soil erosion and other damages, it preps the outdoor space for landscaping opportunities. Our local knowledge and professional experience made us the go-to team within Queens and its neighboring areas. We have built walls using materials like concrete, stone, or bricks across public spaces and commercial properties. Commercial properties have different requirements in both planning and local permits. Get in touch with our commercial retaining wall contractors and you will never have to worry about these things.