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Concrete Driveway Contractors in Queens, NYC

Besides its ability to withstand weather conditions and hold up to the heaviest vehicles, a well-designed concrete driveway can spruce up your surroundings. Our Queens concrete driveway contractors can repair or install concrete driveways regardless of the size, whether it’s a residential or commercial property.

Your driveway is the first thing people see before entering your home or business. It sets the tone for the day and a poor appearance damages the aesthetic and degrades the overall feeling people experience on your property. While it is not the cheapest material, concrete is considerably more affordable compared to cobblestone or bricks. It is the top choice if you want longevity. DIY is an option if you want to save money. But, without the proper tools or expertise, you may be skipping crucial steps or unable to troubleshoot errors. You will only end up spending more if it sinks or cracks. Investing in a well-installed and well-maintained concrete driveway is a smart choice for you. Or consider driveway pavers.

Concrete Driveway Installation for Commercial and Residential Properties

Check this 9-step process for commercial and residential concrete driveway installation:

Step 1: Check what’s underneath

No shovel touches the ground until we are sure where all the underground utilities are. This crucial step ensures that our contractors are aware of where all the utility lines are located to avoid accidentally cutting a power line, pipes, or any kind. If we see underground utilities within the construction area, we draw up a plan to work around them.

Step 2: Survey the land and mark off boundaries

Next, we survey the land to identify and measure boundaries. We don’t want to veer away from the construction site so we place pegs or use spray paint to mark the construction area.

Step 3: Excavate the dirt and level the ground

Once these boundaries are set, we begin the excavation. Using shovels or excavators, we dig about 1 ft. of the topsoil. The tools or machines we use will depend on the size of the construction site. Shovels and mini-excavators are more appropriate for smaller residential projects. On the other hand, we bring our full-size excavators to get the work done faster for bigger construction sites like commercial projects.

Step 4: Place the wooden forms

By now, the construction site is prepped so we place the wooden forms. While pouring the cement, these wooden forms prevent the concrete from getting into the places where we don’t want them to be.

Step 5: Form a solid base

To form a solid base where we can spread a layer of concrete, we lay gravel and sand over the dirt. After that, we press and level the base. In most cases, this is usually less than 1 foot in thickness.

Step 6: Lay the steel reinforcements

Once the ground is compressed, the installation of steel rebars begins. In this step, we lay the steel rebars in a cross pattern to cover the entire project area to boost stability.

Step 7: Pour concrete

Now that the steel rebars are in place, we pour the concrete into the construction area. Using brushing tools, the concrete is spread as evenly as possible.

Step 8: Level the concrete

With brushes or trowels, we level the concrete that we just poured. Here, we take the time to smoothen out all the corners and edges. Note that there is an option for a non-slip surface. In this case, we use a broom to produce texture on the surface of the driveway. Concrete leveling services ensure that the surface hardens correctly so it lasts and you don’t have to redo it every couple years.

Step 9: Set and cure the concrete

Last but not least, we wait for the concrete to solidify before we apply a sealant to keep the water out. The amount of time needed to cure will hinge on the amount of material used for the construction. It is important to note that this step should never be skipped. Otherwise, the concrete structure will not be stable nor long-lasting.

Call our concrete company in Queens and get professionals to install your concrete driveway!